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Project Go

How would you spend $100,000? 

Project Go empowers students in Mariposa County, California to change Mariposa for the better. With $100,000 in grants, Project Go will support roughly 50 projects to improve and enrich our community, schools, and neighborhoods, summer of 2021.  


Students - working solo or in teams - can submit project ideas. Then, a community vote will select the projects to fund. Together, we will bring more connection, vibrance, and unity to our community.


We know #MariposaCares

If you’re not a student, that’s okay. Everyone can get involved. 


Do you have experience and spare time? Volunteers and mentors will be needed to support students through every stage of the process.

Local Businesses 

Do you want to use your business to make a positive impact? Offer your company’s time, talents, and tools to student projects in need of expertise like yours.


What better way to spend time with your kids, than helping to nurture their ideas? We'll provide a toolkit with advice and thought starters from our community of teachers.



Work with your students on a real-world project that impacts Mariposa. We’re providing resources to help you incorporate Project Go into your curriculum.  

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