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Paper Craft

This is an open-ended, creative challenge, and as such, there are no rules as to what types of projects you can propose. You'll choose from different funding amounts, based on the needs of your project.

  • $1-$500

  • $500-$1,500

  • $1,500-$3,000

  • $3,000-$5,000

  • $5,000-$10,000

When students think "projects", they think school. This isn't school and it's supposed to be fun. Do you feel there should be more things for kids to do in Mariposa? Then come up with an idea to help solve that problem. 

There are many fine organizations that support youth in Mariposa, like Families First, FFA, 4-H, Ethos, and of course all the athletic programs. What new programs, events, or things would you like to see happen within your org? What needs does the organization have? While donations cannot be made directly to another nonprofit, project ideas can be proposed to support them. 

And while we're there, how about requesting funding to start your own nonprofit? 

Paper Abstract

To get the wheels in motion, here's some of our ideas that you could make your own! 

  • Art In the Park: Request funding for 30 easels, paint, and arts and craft supplies. Work with the county for approval to host a bi-monthly event free, and open to anyone that wants to join. 

  • Neighborhood beautification: Put together a budget and design for landscaping for your neighborhood. 

  • Become an author: Request funding to self-publish your first book! 

  • Have your favorite personality come to speak to your group! 

  • Passionate about government? Put together a budget for a field trip to the state capital. 

  • Want to learn how to cook? Find a commercial kitchen, and put together a program for yourself and your friends. 

  • Create a new festival for the entire town! 

  • Start a community garden. 

  • Create wildland fire defensible space in your neighborhood

  • Assist the County with habitat restoration efforts along the Mariposa Creek Parkway

  • Establish a tool share or makerspace in Mariposa County

  • Collect oral histories from the people who make Mariposa County a rich and interesting community

  • Monitor wildlife activity in the Merced River corridor

Paper Abstract
Paper Artwork

Community Project Partners

Having a hard time coming up with an idea? We'll be working with law enforcement, firefighters, and other important community venues like the fairgrounds to tap their creativity for project ideas. 

It works like this: The sheriff's office, for example, will propose a project that addresses a need of the department. A student or team of students can choose the project, and just like the others, it gets voted on by the community. Students work alongside their partners to bring them to life. 

We're guessing Brian Bullis has some ideas on how to improve our fairgrounds, and we welcome participation from all local agencies. 

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