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Project Go is an opportunity for the young people of Mariposa to work together on ideas helping their community thrive. Is there something you’ve always wanted to see in Mariposa? A project or challenge you’ve thought about tackling? 

Are you a student who wants to get involved but doesn't know where to start? You will be able to check out a few starter templates and the Idea Pool, which includes ideas and suggestions from the rest of the Mariposa Community!

Once all project proposals are in, it’s time for the community to vote! Project grants are available in increments from $500 up to $10,000. Ideas that significantly engage and reflect the spirit of Mariposa are most likely to be funded. 


Students submit a short application with their project ideas. They will share who is on the team, how much money the project would require, and how they plan to accomplish it. 



Any full-time resident can vote for the idea they want to see funded – or offer to fund it themselves! This ensures that all projects that are brought to life are from the community and supported by the community. 


Now, the real work starts! In addition to grants, students with funded projects will receive support and mentorship from volunteers and local businesses to turn their vision into a reality.


Templates Coming Soon!

Are you a community member with a great idea to share with Project Go?

The Project Go Idea Pool is a place for community members to submit ideas to help the students having a hard time getting out of the gate. Anyone can submit an idea and offer support in putting together a finished proposal. 


Students can surf the pool for ideas, take parts from one, add it to another, with the hopes of bringing together people with a shared vision for the project. We'll provide you with a template that will help you articulate the idea for your project to the students. 

Again, anyone can participate, The Sheriff's department, CalFire, Planning Department, health care entities, local businesses, or passionate advocates for a cause. 

Remember: these are just ideas to help get the students started. Only students can submit a project for funding, and all projects will be voted on by the community at large.

Do you have an idea for a better Mariposa? Share it with ProjectGo!  Don't have an idea but you do have spare time to help students craft their proposal, sign up to be a volunteer!

Thanks for submitting!

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